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One Programme. Two Faculties. Endless Opportunities.

The Legal and Economic Studies Programme is exclusively for incoming exchange students from the Faculty of Law and Faculty of Business Administration and Economics at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf. This unique programme started in Fall 2021 and is designed to bring together law students and economics students from around the world for an interdisciplinary and international educational experience. Students have access to courses offered by both the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics. The language of instruction is English. Learn more about the opportunities waiting for you in Düsseldorf!

Information for Prospective Students

Heinrich Heine University

Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf is one of the younger higher education institutions in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia – founded in 1965. Since 1988 our university has carried the name of one of the city’s finest sons. Today around 35,000 students study at a modern campus under conditions ideally suited to academic life.

As a campus-based university, all HHU buildings, including libraries and the Botanical Garden, are centrally accessible. This creates an ideal environment for a wide range of cultural offerings and a ″community″ with numerous events on campus. Our university departments enjoy an excellent reputation due to an exceptionally high number of collaborative research centres. Moreover, as the state capital, Düsseldorf provides an attractive environment with a high quality of life.

We invite you to take a virtual tour and learn about the top six reasons to study at HHU!

Faculty of Law

Founded in 1992, the Faculty of Law of Dusseldorf’s Heinrich-Heine-University is one of the youngest law faculties in the Federal Republic of Germany. Thanks to the Faculty's well-deserved academic reputation, modern library and emphasis on bringing legal practice into the classroom, it has quickly developed into one of the most attractive and popular places to study in the country. The Faculty of Law’s focus is on research and teaching in the areas of business law and international law.

Faculty of Business Administration and Economics

The Faculty of Business Administration and Economics at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf is one of the newest and, in terms of student and teacher numbers, also one of the smaller business administration and economics faculties in Germany. Comparatively small groups enable good personal interactions between teachers and students, adding to a positive learning experience.

The focus is on sharing and discussing current issues in business and economics. This prepares students in the best possible way for a future career in enterprises, national and international organizations and government agencies as well as for further education and research.

The Legal and Economic Studies Programme is an ideal opportunity for students who want to expand their horizons. The programme exposes students to classes outside of their usual discipline and brings together an international community of learners. Whether you are currently studying law or business administration and economics at your home university, you will come away from the program with a solid foundation in German, European and International law as well as fundamental economic principles and concepts. Programme students will also benefit from excursions to courts, the state legislature and points of cultural interest.

Programme courses are both lecture based and seminar-style. This combination will allow you to get to know German law students, fellow program participants and faculty members. We look forward to getting to know you and welcoming you to Düsseldorf!


The Legal and Economic Studies Programme allows students to create an individualised study abroad experience. In general, students may select among all courses (in German and English) offered by the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics. Instructor permission may be required for masters-level courses offered by the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics. Students can also receive credit for language classes and completing an academic work placement (unpaid internship).

Core Courses*

The following courses form the core of the programme. None of the courses are compulsory.

Winter Semester

Faculty of Law Faculty of Business Administration and Economics
The Law and Legal System of Germany I, Public Law (2 SWS) Introduction to Economics I (2 SWS)
Institutions of the European Union (2 SWS) Microeconomics (4 SWS)
Introduction to Public International Law (2 SWS) Term Paper (5 ECTS)
Comparative Law Colloquium (2 SWS)  

Summer Semester

Faculty of Law Faculty of Business Administration and Economics
The Law and Legal System of Germany II, Civil Law (2 SWS) Introduction to Economics II (2 SWS)
European Union Internal Market Law (2 SWS) Macroeconomics (4 SWS)
International Dispute Resolution (2 SWS) Term Paper (5 ECTS)
International Economic Law (2 SWS)  

*Courses on offer may vary slightly from this list. 

SWS = Semesterwochenstunden. Conversion for ERASMUS students: 2 SWS = 4 ECTS and 4 SWS = 8 ECTS. At least 30 ECTS will be offered in English each semester.

Beyond the Core Courses

Students are not limited to the core programme courses. Participants in the Legal and Economic Studies Programme may select any course offered by the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics or the Faculty of Law.

For example, the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics offers advanced courses in English, including Monetary Economics, Organizational Behavior, International Trade, and Advanced Economic Theory. A complete list of courses held in English can be found here.

The Faculty of Law offers an Anglo-American Law Study Program in English that includes courses on Anglo-American Legal Language, contract law, tort law, American constitutional law and corporate law.

The online course catalogue allows you to search by faculty and language of instruction. Please note that the language of instruction for the majority of courses is German.

Language Classes

Interested in learning German or improving your English language skills? The HHU Students Academy offers free language classes for international students.

Internship for ECTS Credit

Students may also elect to complete an internship for credit with a faculty member, law firm, or international company. Details must be clarified in advance with both the international coordinator and your home university.

Admission Requirements

  • Currently studying law or economics
  • B2 level English (no knowledge of German required)

Application Procedure

Students from our partner universities should contact the exchange coordinator at their home university for application information. You must be nominated by your home university to study at HHU. The HHU International Office has information about nomination deadlines.

Not a student at one of our partner universities? Please contact us directly.

Tuition and Fees

There are no tuition fees in Germany. A social fee has to be paid by every student each semester which includes free public transportation in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Term Dates

The Winter Semester is usually from October 1 - March 31 and the Summer Semester from April 1 - September 30. Please consult the academic calendar for lecture periods and holidays.



Düsseldorf is the state capital of North Rhine Westphalia and a significant international business hub. Top rankings in various studies on the quality of life offer tangible proof: Düsseldorf provides a particularly pleasant environment – with both Rhenish warmth and urban opportunities for leisure.

The city is home to numerous museums, art galleries, theatres, and sports teams. Students also enjoy world-class shopping on the Königsallee and catching up with friends in the Altstadt (Old Town), a square kilometre of more than 300 pubs, clubs, cafes and microbreweries. Learn more about what Düsseldorf has to offer.

Want to explore? Included in the cost of the social fee is a public transport ticket for all of North Rhine Westphalia. Cologne, Münster, Aachen and Bonn are all a short train ride away. Many students like to take advantage of the excellent high-speed rail connection to also visit Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin or Munich. The airport, the third busiest in Germany, is just a 10-minute train journey from the centre of the city.

The international affairs teams from both faculties are here to answer your questions and to help you plan your study abroad experience at HHU. You can e-mail us . We look forward to hearing from you!

Information for Current and Admitted Students

The International Office has put together a lot of useful information to help you prepare for your studies in Germany. Among other things, you will find information on securing a visa, living costs in Düsseldorf, financing your studies, blocked accounts, accommodation and health insurance.

The following information is thought to serve as a first guideline to help you at the beginning of your studies at HHU. To ensure a successful study, we highly recommend you to proceed in the following steps:

Step 1: After deciding to attend HHU

Get to know the University, our Campus, and the city of Düsseldorf. You can find detailed information in our Guide for International Students, Graduates and Academics. Furthermore, the campus map will help you to learn about your new campus.

Step 2: Before the semester starts

Decide which classes you would like to attend. Please note that for a class of 2 SWS - that is a class of 2 academic hours (90 minutes) per week. ERASMUS student will receive 4 ECTS Credits for a 2 SWS class and 8 ECTS for a 4 SWS course.  Successfully completing a term paper counts as 5 ECTS-Credits. For credit conversion outside of the ERASMUS program, please contact the coordinator for international affairs from your host faculty.

If you wish to take a language class you will need to complete a placement test. Visit the Students Academy Languages page for more information.

Step 3: First week of the semester

If you have selected any courses outside of the Legal and Economic Studies Programme core courses, please contact the responsible lecturer or professor. He/She is best informed whether there are any necessary prerequisites to attend the course and which kind of exam will be required of you. Feel free to visit many courses during the first week to see which are the best fit for you. All information regarding the time and duration of courses is published in the HISLSF-System.

Moreover, we cordially invite you to our welcome event during in the first week of the semester. We will send you the exact date via email.

Step 4: Second week of the semester

Let the coordinator for international affairs of your host faculty know of your final course selection.

Step 5: At the end of the semester (after exams)

At the end of the semester we will send a Transcript of Records to your home university that contains all your courses including the achieved (ECTS) Credits.

We wish you an exciting and inspiring semester abroad at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf.

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